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Tangy Panini


1 loaf French bread, cut in half length wise

1/4 cup mayonnaise plus 1 tablespoon

¼ cup prepared pesto

1 package thin-sliced Cloverdale Ham

1 package thin-sliced Cloverdale Tangy Summer Sausage

8 slices Muenster cheese

1 sliced tomato



Preheat indoor grill or panini press to medium-high heat.


Place French bread on work surface.


In a small bowl, combine ¼ cup mayonnaise with Pesto.  Stir to combine and spread on both sides of bread.  Top pesto mayo with Cloverdale Ham, Cloverdale Tangy, cheese and tomatoes.  Brush remaining mayonnaise on the outside of the bread.  Place loaf on indoor grill or panini press and press until golden.  Remove loaf from grill and place on cutting board.  Cut sandwich into four servings and serve warm.


Recipe can be created in less than half an hour.


HINT:  A grill pan or skillet may also be used.  Heat pan over medium heat.  Place loaf in pan and cover with a large skillet.  After first side is golden brown, flip carefully and press down again with skillet.



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